Tracey Vickery

Soul Midwife

Providing support for those at end of life and help and training for their carers.

What is Soul Midwifery

Soul Midwives are non-medical, holistic companions who guide and support the dying in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death. Soul Midwives regard every dying person as  the most important person in the world. All are cared for as  a cherished family member.

Soul Midwives offer a range of gentle therapies to soothe and reassure, and we are skilled advocates and advisors. We are non-denominational in our pastoral support, encouraging  deep conversation, with love and dignity.

Soul Midwives aim to lovingly ease the passage of the dying, to ensure that death is a dignified and peaceful experience.

The 12 Principles

Soul Midwife and TLC Trainer

About me

I am an oncology nurse, experienced Soul Midwife and qualified TLC trainer. I trained with Felicity Warner.  I am also a Volunteer Chaplain at my local community hospital.

My work as a TLC trainer involves the teaching of gentle techniques to support end of life care. This can be offered face to face, or by Zoom, either for small groups of individuals or larger organisations, perhaps for staff in a care home setting. It is  designed to be delivered to caring communities and can be used by anyone who is willing to make a difference to dying people. 

I have also been involved in a number of Death Café events.  This brings interested people together and offers the opportunity to share thoughts and experiences in relation to this often most taboo of subjects. 

I facilitated my first Death Café during the important Dying Matters Awareness Week in May 2019 and I’m always happy to organise events wherever there is a need.

Next steps

Whether you want to talk privately about your own death or that of a close family member I would be happy to talk with you. Or perhaps you are interested in learning more about what help and support is available to those working in this most important field.

Drop me a mail and open a conversation. Let’s talk about death and dying and caring.

Contact me for Soul Midwifery, end of life care advice and training.